PXP media // is a 360 production and marketing company. We create incredible content that drives traffic. We use data to inform strategy, which drives creative content and targeted marketing. Like we said… 360.

  • 360 // Innovative content, influencers, and targeted marketing. All in one place, full circle.
  • DATA // We use data and research to help influence our creative decisions, testing new innovative content all the way.
  • STORY // Stories capture audiences and the best stories continue to keep people engaged; stories can tap into peoples emotions so that the audience connect to your brand.
  • SOCIAL // Creating and helping you grow your social media is #1. We understand that social media is literally everywhere so we use all our data and content to grow your social side as well.
  • ROI // Our KPI’s helps us drive your revenue. Our mission is to help you grow while we grow, like we said 360.