Kapulet.com is a membership community that helps us support animal rights and luxury brands who care, minus the financial strain.



Kapulet was an already established beauty subscription company. The brand was looking for additional channels of user acquisition and ways to decrease their existing CAC. The biggest challenge that was facing Kapulet was entering a saturated market where the heavy hitters already controlled much of the market. Additionally, they were looking to gain 5,000 new members a month. By identifying the right age and behavioral cohort, PXP achieves explosive month over month customer acquisition subscriptions.




PXP Media tapped into a different demographic of younger users who are college grads, socially conscious shoppers, and trend setters. From heavy research and data analytics, we created an omni channel approach which drove Kapulet's CAC down by 25% at scale. Ultimately, reaching a $25 CAC at 5,000 new members monthly. PXP relaunched their influencer strategy, driving over 1,250 members a month from their network of exclusive influencers. The rigorous follow up approach of PXP is one that has finally allowed influencer marketing to scale for Kapulet.