Lensabl is the convenient and affordable online prescription lens service. Get the lenses you need, in your own frames, without leaving home.



Cheaply replace old lenses with your updated prescription and keep your favorite frames! Keep your old glasses but update them with new lenses or add sun glass tinting. And do it by mail! It is cheaper at Lensabl and it is more convenient. As glasses wearers ourselves we know this is a pain. So we created a better way. Lensabl was looking for ways to achieve profitability at first purchase while scaling up their top line revenue and user growth. They have tested multiple agency's and found a good home with PXP.




After testing and optimizing hundreds of ads, targeting options and placements on Google & Facebook, PXP delivered affordable traffic that not only converted to sales with positive ROI, but also grew Lensabl's footprint as a new fast growth company. Additionally, because the e-mail capture mechanism and retargeting strategy had been thought through, additional visitors were captured and re-engaged during the ultra-critical first 48 hour window. Lensabl now boasts six-figure revenues each month and is overhauling their website with mobile optimization, Snapchat Spectacle integration, and more granular segmentation of users. PXP was able to meet founder and investor objectives by achieving a lower CAC of 15 % at scale, and month over month growth of 25% in top line revenue.