LUMION helps you live clean + love your skin with ingredients you can count on one hand. We believe skincare should be natural, simple and with you all day. Empower yourself with a healthy + glowing complexion.



It was shocking to learn that the average woman uses 168 chemicals in their daily personal care regimen and up to 60% are absorbed into our bloodstream! LUMIONskin’s mission is to create an honest, natural beauty product that is accessible and easy. Our ingredients are all found in the human body, so when we say natural we mean natural. As a company we feel passionate about promoting a health conscious lifestyle that promises to be transparent, effective and safe. Lumion was looking for ways to grow their revenue online and grow their email database. PXP was able to achieve both through an omni channel approach of influencer, social, and native advertising.



PXP Media's Buying Team analyzed site traffic, conducted robust keyword research, and leveraged Lumion's search volume, to implement a cost effective media buying strategy. We targeted qualified top-of-funnel traffic through Search Engine Marketing, Native Advertising, and converting qualified traffic through retargeting on both Google Adwords + Facebook Channels. The Native, Social, and Search Channel obtained 20,000+ emails + Achieved 372% (ROAS) | $35 CPA over the course of 2.5 Months. PXP's Facebook Retargeting produced 3417.02% (ROAS) | $17 CPA within the first three months. The Success produced by PXP helped achieve quarterly revenue's of 525k+ and defined the benchmark for Lumion.